Infection Control Statement

This annual statement will be generated each year in November, It summarises:

  • Any infection transmission incidents and any action taken (these will have been reported in accordance with our Significant Event procedure)
  • Details of any infection control audits undertaken and actions undertaken
  • Details of staff training
  • Any review and update of policies, procedures and guidelines


This protocol applies to all staff employed by the practice.

IC Lead

The practice manager, Dr S. Morcos is our IC lead supported by the Practice Manager Marian Morcos and our Practice Nurse Linda Morris.


Dr Morcos has attended an Infection Control Lead training course in 2010 and keeps up to date with IC policy and provides update training to the rest of the practice team at our Clinical Governance meetings annually. Staff who are unable to be present at the training are given a copy of the minutes and the training presentation is stored on our practice shared drive in the training section available to all staff.


As a practice we ensure that all of our clinical staff are up to date with their Hep-B immunisations and offered any occupational health vaccinations applicable to their role (i.e. MMR, Seasonal Flu). We take part in the National Immunisation campaigns for patients and offer vaccinations in house and via home visits to our patient population.


  • Our contract cleaners (Hi Spec ) work to cleaning specifications laid out in their contract along with frequencies and an annual audit takes place to ensure these are being met. Cleaning equipment is stored in accordance with the NHS Cleaning Specifications.
  • We provide minimal toys to help entertain children whilst they are in the waiting room and during consultations .NHS Cleaning Specifications recommend that all toys are clean regularly and we therefore provide only wipe-able mounted toys in both waiting rooms.
  • The surgery has various material curtains and blinds both at the windows and in consulting rooms. All curtains to windows will be cleaned as per NHS cleaning specifications, blinds will be cleaned as per our contract cleaning specification. In the doctor’s room the modesty screen has been changed to plastic wipe-able curtains rather than fabric and the fabric curtains in the Treatment Room around the examination couch are dry-cleaned every 6 months or more often if necessary.
  • Spill kits for blood, vomit or urine are provided in the reception office and treatment room complete with all necessary PPE.
  • Our new Air conditioning unit will be serviced annually to prevent any legionella build up in line with our Legionella Risk Assessment.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • The practice provides PPE for all members of the team in line with their role
  • Clinical staff are provided with aprons, several different types and sizes of gloves .( goggles/face shields can be acquired as per demand ).
  • Reception staff are provided with gloves for the handling of sample pots and sharps bins


  • Clinical waste is categorized and stored in line with our waste management policy and collected weekly, waste transfer sheets are stored and archived .
  • Domestic waste is disposed of via a commercial wheelie bin commissioned form the local council. Collections take place weekly ( Canon ).

Fixtures, Fittings & Furniture

Where possible all decorating, renewals and repairs will be made in line with infection control guidelines;

  • Where planned renewals of fixtures such and sinks and taps will ensure complaint items are installed where they are not currently at full spec.
  • A rolling plan of redecoration is in place and where performed wall coatings will be in line with infection control guidelines.
  • The seating and exam couches in the clinical rooms have recently been replaced (2013) to ensure they are in good repair and of wipe-able materials.


In Oct. 2020 an Infection Prevention and Control in General practice audit was completed by the practice manager and Virgin Team. Some policies and procedures have now been updated and a sign off sheet instigated for clinical staff to sign they are aware of the IC policies contained in the folder.  There have not been any infection control incidents.

Our Post Minor Surgery Infection Audit is completed annually By Dr Morcos in Feb. and showed no areas of concern.

In Feb 2016 we are planning a repeat of the Infection Prevention and Control in General Practice self-assessment toolkit (Audit ).


Policies relating to Infection Prevention and Control are stored in the Clinic Room Policies and Procedures Folder in the Treatment room and on the practices Shared Drive. These are reviewed and updated annually as appropriate. However, all are amended on an on-going basis as current advice changes.


It is the responsibility of each individual to be familiar with this Statement and their roles & responsibilities under this. It is also the responsibility of the practice manager to ensure staff are familiar with the contents.

Review date

Reviewed annually, due for review  June 2021

Responsibility for Review

The Practice Manager & IC lead nurse are responsible for reviewing the Statement: DR Morcos

June 2020